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On This Day in 1721...

31 December 1984
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Name: Mark
Height: 5'9-10"
Weight: About 225 lbs (>_<)
Hair: Blond & brown (and some auburn in my beard)
Eyes: Hazel
Sign: Capricorn, Rat

Unlike the past, I've found that the offline (if not the real) world has been pulling me away from the Wired of late. Don't get me wrong, I still spend a lot of time online, but running out of stuff I really want to be doing is becoming a common occurrence.

In Norman, I spend most of my downtime doing stuff with my roommate adewski2many and my girlfriend notaburrito, though downtime is pretty scarce lately. I work for Telogical Systems as a data quality analyst, and am trying to transition into a systems QA position, which stretches my days pretty long. Due in part to the long hours (and in part to missing deadlines), I haven't been able to take classes in a while. I'm working towards an Associate's in Computer Game Design & Simulation, which I'll probably take back to OU to work towards a Bachelor's, though I'm not yet sure what in (maybe MIS?). Or I might just start up KHPSoftWorks for real.

While I'm at work, or some free afternoons, I broadcast on Radio PSI from the office. You can tune in either by clicking on the Java Radio at the above link, or by loading this into Winamp, Foobar, or some other media player that supports OGG streams. I'm not always on, of course, but when I am, that's where you'll find me. It's usually all music, but sometimes I'll chatter some too. And Friday evenings at 5 central, I do my This Week In History show, where I recount various historical events that occurred during this week, and play music related to them.

If it's a weekend night, I'm probably RPing. Friday nights, I play an original (but White Wolf-based) game run by belegwen, and Saturdays with Taylor, who currently is running his popular Exiles game. Familiar with the comic of the same title? Take it, expand it to the whole of everything multiverse, and you have our game. My past characters include Ark, Sol Badguy, Tex Murphy, and Deng Ai — and currently, a mental patient who thinks he's Pac-Man — and we've adventured through such worlds as Pirates of the Caribbean, Robin Hood, and an alternate World War II in which Hitler had demonic powers and had conquered most of the world. It's pretty sweet.

For the fall and Spring, my Saturday morning and afternoon are spent at rehearsal for the human chessboard at the Norman Medieval Faire. In 2007, I was Gawaine; in 2008, I was Tristan; in 2009, I was Merlin; and in 2010, I was none other than King Arthur.

When I'm back in Fort Worth, where I was born and raised, I'm probably hanging out (or attempting to) with kian15. I think just about everyone else has moved on.

When I can't do any of those, and the intarweb tires me, I play video games. My current games are Final Fantasy VII and Jade Empire. The old Game-Night doesn't really exist anymore, but I'd really like to start it up again...if only I had the time.

I also play Final Fantasy XI. Dragged in the first time by my ex nailbat, and after a break, back again by adewski2many, where we played for quite a while along with deadbard. Now adewski2many and I have migrated servers to Shiva, where we play with mkyori. My main there is Mondegreen, an Elvaan male, currently RDM 68, and I have a mule, a Galka named Bixnood.

The Other Years In History:
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