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Mon, Oct. 31st, 2011, 04:34 pm
The witching hour is close at hand...

This weekend was so fun, and so exhausting.

Friday night was a game of Dread run by Mabry. If you're not familiar with it, it's a freeform RPG which, instead of dice, has Jenga. If the tower collapses, horrible things happen. It's pretty intense. I was a government agent (modeled after Agent Superball from Sam & Max) dealing with vampires in Albania.

Next morning was chessboard auditions. Good to see everybody there. I got cast as Ector this year — a smaller role than I've had lately, but that's cool; a slow year wouldn't be a bad thing, at all.

Had about two hours downtime, then it was time for the anime club's Halloween party. I went as Kaji from Neon Genesis Evangelion; Nate was a Japanese ghost again (and developed adapted memes "DO NOT HAUNT" "DO HAUNT" "NOT SURE IF HAUNT"); Daniel wore the ghost headband again, but was specifically the Ghost of RoninCon; Brandon was the 11th Doctor; Logan was Pirate Mobster Jesus (which won him funniest costume). There was lots of yummy creepy-themed food, bobbing for apples, makeshift danceclub in the garage, costume contest, piñatas, ghost stories, karaoke, on-the-spot pumpkin decorating contest, and boffer sword fighting competition. I teamed up with Nate and Brandon for the pumpkin decorating. We gave it a funny face and Brandon's fez and called it the 12th Doctor. We won first prize. :D Then at the ghost stories, I did Rabbit from No Shame Theater and won a prize for the performance. XD The party was planned by Kim, our old club president, who came back from out of town just to run it; even if she hadn't made it an amazing party, it was good to see her. Daniel, Nate, Logan, Brandon and I were some of the last people out. Kim was trying to stay up all night, so I figured sticking around to help her stay awake was probably a good idea (at least until I started to crap out). After way too much Lady Gaga karaoke through the rest of the night ("Just PANTS!"), Daniel and I got up with our usual humor songs: The Toronto Song by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie and Title of the Song by Da Vinci's Notebook. Then came the LRR Christmas Caroling on Halloween and a couple episodes of Simpsons Halloween specials before I was about ready to pass out. Got home a little after 3:00.

Next day, woke up a little before noon so I could gather folks to go to lunch with Kim before she had to catch her flight back home. We'd originally wanted to go to Tokyo up on the north side, but it turned out they were closed on Sunday for lunch. :( Left with Daniel, picked up Logan, then Kim, settled on Chelino's in Bricktown, swung by Midwest City to pick up Brandon, and headed foodward. Got a little lost in downtown OKC (it's so confusing, augh), but eventually made it and had a good meal. Took a little longer than expected, though, so had to hurry to get Kim to the airport after that. All kinds of nerdly conversation the whole time, was a very fun outing.

After that, had about an hour until the party at J and Jenny's. Their porch decorations were pretty sweet. Chris and Dejah looked awesome dressed as a steampunk Mad Hatter and Dormouse, and Jenny's Caterpillar was pretty cool, too. J was a high-school dropout (dressed in his old Sonic uniform), Tanya was autumn (lots of brown and leaves), Brendan was Dresden, Mabry was a naiad, and Sarah was J. Tanya made scones, which were yummy; I didn't eat much else, though, because I was still full from Chelino's. After the food, we played Witch Hunt (exactly the same as Mafia, just themed differently). Then there was bobbing for apples, and after that, Sleepy Hollow. I was getting pretty headachy by then, though, so I called it a night.

Today, some pretty cool costumes in the office: Ray's dressed as Tinky-Winky, Gerry's dressed as Gerald from Hey Arnold!, and Saurav's got a Halliburton jumpsuit on. Got some good work done so far today, and tonight...well, I'm not sure. Some friends are going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight; I've never been to an actual showing of it, but I don't really want to go to one without a costume (and me showing up in briefs is a very bad idea)...

Mon, Jun. 27th, 2011, 05:21 am

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And that's where I woke up. And I couldn't fall back to sleep, presumably because I was only awake for maybe 10 hours yesterday. :I

Mon, Feb. 7th, 2011, 01:55 pm

I've been having a lot of vivid dreams lately, including an anomalously large number of almost-sexy dreams (which are about as risqué as they ever get). Last night's wasn't among those, but it was vivid enough to be worth remembering.

I was a character...Collapse )

I know most people don't find dreams that interesting, but I recall that recording them helps me to have more vivid dreams...hopefully, I can eventually get to lucid dreaming. I've never quite gotten to that point, I always wake up first.

Thu, Sep. 2nd, 2010, 03:52 am

After all these years, I finally have a level 75 job!

...just in time for the cap to go up to 85. >.>

Fri, Aug. 20th, 2010, 04:20 am
Third time's the charm!

1/3 on Maat, defeated him in a single Chainspell.

Quite harrowing, too, since he used Chainspell after I Converted.

The play-by-play, for those who know the game:

  • Melon pie +1 outside the BCNM, rest to full
  • Rush straight in, Sleep II before he can buff himself more than once
  • Pop a Yagudo Drink (to save myself the 40mp that Refresh costs) and an Intelligence Potion
  • Dispel him (Haste was all he had up), Paralyze, Bind, Gravity; Stoneskin and Blink on myself
    • During this process, I discovered that Maat had partially resisted my Sleep, and was forced to recast it. Fortunately, the only casualty of this slip-up was one of my shadows...and an additional 29 mp, which threw off my planning.
  • CHAINSPELL! Aero III Aero III Aero III Sleep II
    • The previous bit had thrown off my numbers; I could actually have gotten away with one more Aero III in that initial barrage and still had MP for Sleep II. Oh well.
  • Convert! Hi-potion +3 Hi-potion +3 Hi-potion +3; still about 10 seconds of Chainspell remaining
  • Spam Aero III while Maat Chainspells and also tries to nuke my face off.

Had about 150 each left of HP and MP at the end of that. If he'd been slightly quicker, or I'd been slightly slower on that last nuke, I'd have been toast. But I made it.

And now all the other Maat fights are going to feel easy by comparison. ;)

But fuck Schultz.

Sat, May. 29th, 2010, 03:26 pm
Need to bring this back...

Okay, it's been quite a while since I've made a substantive post on here, and I'm gonna do my best to rectify that. Here's hoping I don't forget anything.

I'm still working late shifts. Hours have been pretty long lately, but I think the system's recovered from screwing up enough to let me off at a decent time.

In fact, the timing and portability of work has allowed me to begin attending the anime club at OU again, and I'm quite glad of it. I'd been out of the anime loop, which isn't a big deal, but it's been nice to see some new stuff. And this past year's president has done some awesome things with the club. The schedule isn't planned out a whole semester in advance anymore, which I was unsure of at first, but it seems to work out. And there's actually anime news announcements, events, presentations, all that good stuff. Keeps it interesting, and makes it feel more like an academic club rather than just a watch party. There's lots of cool new people, too, though I'm sad that some won't be back this fall. :( Also, summer meetings, which I am quite stoked about! We watched Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22 this week. The first one was mostly the same as the series (a few minor changes); the second was a significant diversion. Don't much care for the new Eva pilot girl, though.

A while back, I was convinced to jump back into the world of RP. I'm gaming both Friday and Saturday with two different groups, though I might take a hiatus from the Saturday group...the Exiles game just ended because everybody got bored with it, and now it's going to be Shadowrun, which I'm not all that big on. However, getting back into gaming has inspired me to possibly run my own game. I've got a framework story and a fleshed-out opening, but not much beyond that. It'll be my first time running an actual game (I ran a one-shot once), here's hoping it goes well.

Medieval Fair season has come and gone. I was King Arthur this year, which I was quite excited about. Got to wear the awesome Arthur surcoat with chainmail. It looked pretty sweet, I felt awesome, but my back wasn't happy about it. But at the end of the weekend, I helped Dr. Ben tear down his tent with Courtney and Brendan, and he gave us all a quick adjustment as thanks. After the initial shock, my back was soooo happy. Only thing I bought at the fair this year was new gloves, which I needed. They are pretty nice gloves, too.

In other AOA-related news, I'm closer to being a knight than I realized! I just need to get myself a chain coif and have my vigil. I think I'm going to try and get ahold of Scott (G) and learn how to make my own coif. Also, I did surprisingly well at Tournament. I didn't place in anything, but for myself, I did well. Hit the target with 11/12 arrows in archery, held my own against Tim in both fencing and greatsword, took too long in the chess game and lost by one point in a decision (and was so close to a checkmate, too, but Scott [S] kept putting me in check, so I couldn't pull it off), and made pretty good time in the obstacle course, even clearing the stack of three hay bales without toppling it. So while it may not have won me anything, it's still something I can be proud of.

Last game I talked about on here was Knights of the Old Republic, which I beat quite some time ago. It was pretty cool, I just mined and grenaded the crap out of the final boss, heh. Since then, I started and finished Assassin's Creed, which was pretty neat. Haven't played the second one yet, but I will eventually. Right now, I'm in the middle of too many games augh, but the one I'm playing the most is Red Dead Redemption, which is pretty cool. Main character kind of turned into a dick, though, which saddens me. He was so nice at the beginning. Also working on Odin Sphere and Half-Life: Source, but not so much. And replaying Secret of Mana with Daniel and Nate when we have spare time. Jema's still got the Scottish accent. :)

And, of course, Final Fantasy XI. Still no 75s, but I'm dreading approaching the Maat fight. RDM 68 right now. Did my first Dynamis the other day in San d'Oria; we didn't beat it, and I didn't get any relic armor, but it sure was profitable. If I can keep that up, I won't really have gil woes in that game again (at least, not until relic weapon time).

Courtney is...still unemployed, which is frustrating to me, but there's some positive-looking things on the horizon. I don't mind helping her financially, but I can't really afford to completely support her, either. But I'll be fine as long as it gets paid back eventually.

Speaking of money, performance reviews are finally up next month, which means I'll finally get that raise they've been promising me for the last year and a half. If they don't give it to me, I'll be pretty pissed...but I can't really afford to leave a job right now, especially not one with benefits. :\

Going to the Starmen.Net con again this year. It's gonna be in east Tennessee, which means the far end of drivable range. And since I have the Insight again this summer, I think I'm good to go. Yay for cheap travel!

I've been having a lot of really vivid dreams lately. That doesn't usually happen unless I'm actually trying to dream. It's been making me not want to wake up with my alarm.

Work continues on my games. I've had some good ideas, but don't really want to post them publicly. If you're interested, contact me on AIM or something, and I'll share details.

Wed, Mar. 17th, 2010, 05:26 pm
What are you doing, Texas?

Texas Conservatives Win Vote on Textbook Standards

Now, I love my home state dearly, but they've seriously gone off the deep end lately. Most of me really hopes they get their heads out of their asses and put some competent people in charge.

But a very small part of me wishes they'd hurry up and secede like they keep talking about, just to get their brand of crazy out of US politics.

Tue, Feb. 2nd, 2010, 04:34 pm
Oh hey

Happy Groundhog Day!

I should update this with something substantive, I've kinda been neglecting it. I mean, I've been making private posts for game notes, but that doesn't really count. :B

Tue, Oct. 20th, 2009, 04:35 am
Everybody else is doing it

Advanced Global Personality Test Results
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Need to dominate||||||30%
Change averse||||||||||||50%
Peter pancomplex||||||||||40%

Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
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I disagree with the "loves large parties" bit, but otherwise, that chunk o' words suits me pretty well, I think.

Mon, Oct. 12th, 2009, 02:03 am

KotOR just messed up badly on me. I flew to Kashyyyk, and everybody was standing where they stood in the dialogue following the big reveal. And somehow, Zaalbar was in my party on the ship...as well as standing where he was in that scene. So there were two Zaalbars.

Additionally, I exited the ship, and didn't get a party selection menu, it just took me right out to the planet with Zaalbar still being the only other party member. So I board the ship and disembark again, and I get a party selection menu...and T3-M4's been replaced by Zaalbar. There are two Zaalbars on the party selection screen.

I select them both, and, lo and behold, the party consists of me, Zaalbar and...Zaalbar. One was wielding his bowcaster, the other a double vibro-blade.

As badass a combo as that would be, I don't want to play the rest of the game glitched out and without my little robot. So I'm reloading and hoping it doesn't happen again. If it does, I'll be sure to photograph it.

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